Vantango Newsletter September 2013


Vantango Newsletter September 2013

Claude and HazelBy Claude & Hazel

Hola Tangueras and Tangueros!

It looks like this summer will keep smiling on us for a while and the outdoor milonga on Granville Street looks appealing. It’s on for two more Saturdays Aug 17 and Aug 24 organized by Semiral, Pimon and Jud. All the info is at

Special Events in Vancouver
We have a tango feast waiting for us over the next few weeks with sparkling evenings and many of our favourite teachers returning to Vancouver.

On August 31 there will be live music at Academie Duello with Ruth Vincenzo from Buenos Aires and lesson by Sara Thomsen

Cynty and Toto are back in town for the next two weeks giving intensive tango and folklore workshops at La Lunita, Nadia’s and I think Tatiana’s as well. Watch for notices and also info at

If that isn’t enough, Luciano Brigante and Alejandra Orozco are returning hosted by Monica and Gabriel. They will give a workshop before the milonga on August 29 at Libertango, and since this will be our last evening as stand in hosts for Monica and Gabriel, we are looking forward to learning with them. Luciano and Alejandra are staying through till September 18 and this time they will be accompanied by Argentine guitarist Damian Tuso. More info to come

And of course September 26 – 29, Gabriela is hosting the magnificent Vancouver Fall 2013 Tango and Folklore Festival Gabriela is bringing back Vancouver’s darling, Miriam Larici and the stylish Leonardo Barrionuevo, together with the unique folklore and tango duo, Claudio Otero and Elizabeth Roccella. And the superb Alejandro Ziegler Quartet will also be here again. Don’t miss the theater show for one night only. Full schedule coming soon at

Regional Events
Spend Labour Day weekend at Rebecca’s Tango Life and workshops with the incomparable Oscar Mandagaran and Georgina Vargas from Buenos Aires

And in Seattle September 13 – 15 Tango Pierrot presents Virgo Sacrifice, a Mini-Marathon weekend.

As many of you already know, Clay Nelson has handed over the organization of the October Portland TangoFest to a small group of the local organizers. But never fear it will take place October 9 – 14 and will be as wonderful as ever. The full program is all ready for you at

Events Elsewhere
Las Vegas Red Carpet Tango Festival takes place Oct 10 – 13 featuring a Homenaje Centenario to Anibal Troilo. The instructors include Carlos Barrionuevo and Mayte Valdes, Jorge Torres and Maria Blanco, Gabriel Misse and Analia Centurion

Our Tangueros and Tangueras
Mark your calendars for the Passionate Embrace Milonga on the evening of Sunday, September 29th. This one-time milonga is being put together to celebrate the publication of local tanguera Sandra Vander Schaaf’s book, Passionate Embrace: Faith, Flesh, Tango. The book is set in Vancouver’s own tango community and tells the story of how Argentine Tango inspired a fresh understanding of body and soul. The event is a book launch and milonga, with DJ Vince Lam. All are welcome.

Now we would like to offer our very own Homenaje to John Sanders. Some of you may not know John well because he moved to Victoria to be closer to his family. Nevertheless we have John to thank for maintaining the tango list and the website We can always be sure to have the latest information available. And it’s thanks to this website that so many dancers visiting from all over the world find our local milongas so that we can enjoy meeting and dancing with them. John comes over to dance in Vancouver fairly often so be sure to say hi. Thank you again, John.

And our favourite milonga, La Tangueria Esposito, now organized by Clarry Smits and Elizabeth Hudgins, has a new website complete with a tango calendar. And you can always find the latest newsletter there to refer to through the month.

See you on the dance floor very soon
Claude and Hazel